Low Pressure Refrigerant Reclamation Systems


This system addresses the needs of commercial system manufacturers looking to reclaim the large volume, low pressure refrigerant charges from their chillers and roof top products. Our turnkey system initiates the process with an inlet tank to consolidate and convert refrigerant into vapor phase.  Refrigerant then flows to the automatic processing station that removes particulates, oil, non condensible gasses and moisture.  Refrigerant is processed to reclaimed quality specifications before being pumped to the storage tank for testing and re-use.

The world’s largest chiller and commercial HVAC system manufacturers depend on this system to reclaim their low pressure refrigerant charges from repair areas, test areas, and laboratory units.


Product Detail

  • Automatic operation
  • Refrigerant reclamation to ARI-700
  • Pressure blower for compression of refrigerant
  • Oil separation and automatic drain
  • High capacity desiccant driers
  • Reclaimed refrigerant moisture indicator
  • Automatic air/non-condensable removal
  • Onboard, electric transfer pump
  • Allen Bradley PLC control and Operator Interface
  • Warning light fault indicator
  • Panel mounted hour meter
  • Reclaimed refrigerant totalizing meter
  • Back-up blower
  • Air cooled or water cooled condensing unit
  • Process R-11, HCFO-1233ZD, or other low pressure refrigerants
  • Scalable for various recovery rates


74”H x 72”D x 60”W


Electric: 480V, 3Ø, 60A
Air: 100 psig shop air
Water: City water or chilled water supply
(water-cooled systems only)


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