Custom Leak Test Applications


New, higher cost refrigerants, hydroscopic concerns with POE oil, and the flammability of environmentally  friendly refrigerants has put more emphasis on the leak testing process. Combining multiple tests into a single automated cycle performed within a required takt time is the goal of many manufacturers.  A comprehensive leak test process can include multiple tests, including:

  • N2 Proof Test
  • Pressure Decay Test
  • Capillary Flow Test
  • Helium Leak Test
  • Evacuation and Vacuum Test

These systems can be configured to accommodate multiple units in a mixed production environment and automatically sequenced to provide a comprehensive, efficient leak testing process.

Attaching DataServ 3.0 to this test process can create a very effective tool to monitor , record, and improve your process and product quality. DataServ 3.0 provides a detailed operator interface, a process analysis tool, test result storage and retrieval, communication with upper level process scheduling systems, maintenance support, and remote intranet / internet access.

These systems can operate from a local test gas supply or in conjunction with our centralized Helium Recovery and Recycle System.




Product Detail

  • Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC control
  • Panelview Operator Interface
  • Hand held CCD or RF bar code scanner automatically loads test process
  • DataServ 3.0 Data Acquisition and Process Control software
  • Dell PC with Windows 7 and a 19″ flatscreen LCD
  • Built in communication module for Inficon Protec 3000 Leak Detector
  • Dry scroll and rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Automatic leak testing cycle includes:
    • UL Burst test
    • Pressure decay test
    • Capillary flow test
    • Helium leak test
    • Vacuum test
  • Startup supervision, operation and maintenance training included
  • Two stage, rotary vane and dry scroll vacuum pumps
  • 8 – 58 cfm vacuum pumps available
  • Single or multi unit processing capability
  • Leak test process options can include:
    • N2 Burst test
    • Pressure decay test
    • Capillary flow test
    • Water line flow test
    • Helium leak test
    • Vacuum test
  • Alternate PLCs and touchscreen HMIs available
  • Large format flat screen / touchscreen LCDs available

63″H x 56″W x 24″D


400 lbs.

  • Electric: 120V, 20A
  • Nitrogen: Pressurized supply to meet pressure test requirements
  • Helium: Pressurized supply to meet volume requirements
  • Air: 80 psig shop air
  • Product Model Number
  • Product Serial Number
  • Product Description
  • Process Start date
  • Process Start time
  • Process End date
  • Process End time
  • Process Completed (True or False)
  • Process Rejected (True or False)
  • Operator number
  • Nirogen Fill Pressure and Time
  • Pressure Decay Setpoint and Time
  • Flow Rate and Time
  • Helium Fill Pressure and Time
  • Evacuation Level and Time
  • Total Cycle Time
  • Completion or Error Code
  • Reject Data
  • Total Units Processed to Date.




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