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Navistar Challenges Serv-I-Quip

Navistar needed an economical solution to a difficult fluid fill scenario.


When Navistar needed an economical solution to a difficult fluid fill scenario, Serv-I-Quip was one of the vendors asked to review the project and submit a proposal. A height restricted fill area and a mixed production line that required fills on either side of the cab presented a unique challenge. In order to accommodate four different fluids on either side of the cab and a line speed that required overlapping fill cycles, two overhead rail mounted motorized carriers would be needed. While Serv-I-Quip has supplied high flow capacity fill systems to some of the most modern truck plants in the world, these systems needed to fill at an even higher rate.

A data acquisition system was also required to download individual fluid fill specifications and record testing and fill results to the VIN# file. In addition to the design and build of this equipment, Serv-I-Quip would also be responsible for the install, which would require a substantial amount of prefab mounting hardware for the rail and hose track system, along with tight coordination with the onsite contractor. All this needed to be accomplished in a 14 week design, build, test, and deliver window, with an install over Christmas.

Serv-I-Quip was awarded the contract on the merits of their design proposal and an aggressive pricing structure. Serv-I-Quip worked closely with Navistar’s Manufacturing and Quality team to assure that all specifications were met. After design approval, test, and acceptance, a 53’ trailer was filled (with 2” to spare) and sent it on its way. An install team consisting of the Project Engineer, the Sales Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer, a Programming / IT Engineer, and two technicians coordinated with the onsite contractor to complete the install and startup on time and according to all process requirements. Navistar was able to come out of shutdown to full production utilizing the improved functionality, efficiency, and data collection capabilities of their new Combined Coolant and Power Steering fill equipment without a hitch. While this was the goal of Serv-I-Quip and the expectation of Navistar, accomplishing this as a new vendor brought compliments from many of the project participants.

Project Manager

“Thank you for all the hard work that everyone at Serv-I-Quip has performed on Navistar’s new Combined Coolant and Power Steering fill equipment. The equipment is running well and there are many compliments to convey from Navistar in this regards. “ “Once again I want to express Navistar’s appreciation of the professionalism, expertise and dedication of all involved at Serv-I-Quip.”

Line Supervisor

“Excellent startup”

Engineering Supervisor

“I just wanted to come down and watch such a good startup”

Project Manager

“It’s working perfectly”