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Paccar Canada set for Increased Capacity

Paccar, the manufacturer of North America’s leading Truck brands – Kenworth and Peterbilt, based in Ste. Thérèse, Quebec in Canada was challenged with meeting increased production demand.

Paccar had a Truck production line requiring over a 100 ft in build length where they had three separate fluid filling stations that were utilized to put the following fluids in to their Vehicles – A/C, Coolant, DEF, Diesel, Power Steering, Transmission and Hydraulic Brake. This three filling station approach required the necessary fill time and Operator interaction needed at each of these locations which severely limited the number of Paccar trucks that they could produce per day, not enabling them to meet their growing production demand targets.

Serv-I-Quip, Inc. in early 2019 quoted a DataFill Multi-Fluid Fill system as a potential solution for Paccar to fill the above fluids for their assembly line at the Ste. Thérèse manufacturing facility and improve both filling time and Operator interaction, to ultimately help speed up production volumes.

The system designed by the Engineering team at Serv-I-Quip was a DataFill stand-alone Fill system and Operator interface with two overhead tracking carriers, tooling and hose /cable assemblies.

The base machine was to be positioned next to the final assembly line and Paccar installed and supplied power, air and all the relevant fluids to the system.

The DataFill multi-fluid Fill system was designed and built by Serv-I-Quip in their Downingtown, PA facility over the subsequent months and then shipped and installed in Ste. Thérèse and was started-up by the engineering team during Paccar’s holiday shutdown during Christmas and New Year 2020.

All Trucks are now filled with A/C Refrigerant, Coolant, DEF, Diesel, Power Steering, Transmission Oil and Hydraulic Brake fluid at the one location and can now be completed within a 30 ft build length. This has now enabled Paccar to set a new target of up to 80 trucks that they are targeting to manufacture daily.

Paccar’s ability to now meet their increased production demand and reduce their needed inventory backlog has now been significantly improved.

The DataFill system also includes DataServ, Serv-I-Quip’s process control and data acquisition Software Suite which further improves and manages the filling processes.

The software enables Data Collection on any filled vehicles processed during manufacture, creating a Database of run history, linking vehicle model and serial number with date/time stamp for Accountability and storing all process parameters for each individual Paccar vehicle processed for comprehensive Traceability.

Feedback from Paccar – Lead Manufacturing Engineer

I’m satisfied about the whole installation and support that Serv-I-Quip gave us during this implementation. The management was surprised that we run all fluids on Monday without any failure or issues on the trucks. The operators assigned to this task told me that the machine is easy to use and it was comfortable to learn since you guys were there with them. The installation was smooth and I feel comfortable with the kind of support you offer for the future.