Serv-I-Quip Expands Internationally

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press-release-07Serv-I-Quip, Inc. is excited to announce the opening of our first international sales and service office in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. With the steady growth of manufacturing facilities in Mexico, our installed equipment base in both the appliance and vehicle manufacturing sectors has expanded greatly. Building the same reputation for support and value add service that we’ve achieved with our U.S. and Canadian customers is a priority for this growing market. Accomplishing this will require a knowledgeable, experienced engineer from Mexico with a good background in manufacturing.

Heading up our office in Saltillo is Francisco J. Villarreal. Francisco is a controls engineer with extensive knowledge in PLC programming, C/C++, Visual Basic, Assembler, multiple operating systems and networking. Francisco has 10 years of installation and project management experience in the Saltillo and Monterrey areas at facilities such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, International, Electrolux, Carrier, and Siemens among many others. Installations included robotics, paint systems, conveyor systems, fluid fill equipment, test equipment, welding systems, and dynameters. With Francisco’s knowledge and background, Serv-I-Quip can offer our customers in Mexico and Latin America the best value in manufacturing process equipment.

Francisco lives in Saltillo, speaks fluent Spanish and English, along with some French and Italian. He can be contacted at (844) 198-7168 (cell), (844) 231-6838 (Nextel), 72*672244*1 (Nextel ID), or

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