John Deere Harvester Works visit Serv-I-Quip to run-off their new AccuFill multi-fluid Fill System

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John Deere ‘Harvester Works’ in East Moline, Illinois manufactures Combines and Front End Equipment. The facility is one of the leading, modern combine manufacturing facilities in the world.

One of their Engineering project teams visited Serv-I-Quip this week to inspect and test run-off their new AccuFill multi-fluid Fill system and a separate Transmission Fill system.

These systems will be positioned near the assembly line at Harvester Works in the final lube/test area and include base stations with Operator interface for filling A/C, ACI Bleed, Axles, Coolant, Diesel, DEF, Hydraulics and Transmission fluids. The uniquely designed AccuFill multi-fluid Fill system also includes a 500 gallon steel tank as a reservoir for a ready supply of hydraulic fluid and ample storage for several vehicle fill processes.

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