Engineering and Technical Support

The primary benefit Serv-I-Quip, Inc. offers to a manufacturing company is our engineering knowledge and process experience. In reality, we are an engineering service company that has developed innovative products that address common needs. All of our equipment is developed with one criterion in mind: improve the efficiency and quality of your manufacturing process. More often then not, a project is initiated not by an equipment need, but a process need. Our customers are not looking for a one size fits all solution. They want an open minded assessment of their process from an experienced company capable of offering a range of solutions and the most current technology.

Engineering and Process Analysis

Serv-I-Quip’s staff consists of mechanical, electrical, design and programming engineers, many with over 25 years of experience in the industries we serve. This level of experience and knowledge is valued highly by our customers and allows us to approach a project from a different perspective.
As part of our initial project review, Serv-I-Quip’s staff performs an analysis of your current process. This review can be either over the phone or on site, depending on the complexity of the process goals. Some process improvements, such as vacuum leak testing and helium leak testing can be demonstrated on your product. The results of this review serve two purposes. First, the performance criteria and process enhancements proposed for any new equipment are established. Additionally, other process improvements that would comply more with best industry practices are reviewed and assessed. Involving Serv-I-Quip, Inc. in your project brings a knowledgeable consultant to your team, free of charge.


Responsive service is crucial in a manufacturing environment. Our staff of experienced service technicians, programmers and engineers can address any issue either over the phone or at your facility. Phone service is immediate and free, on site service is usually available within 12 hours for a fee. Our reputation for professional, knowledgeable and timely service is well known in the industry. Our process knowledge can assist with failure analysis, root cause analysis, and corrective action recommendations. Our goal is total customer satisfaction in our equipment and service.
With the deployment of our web based DataServ.NET data acquisition and process control software, we now have the ability to trouble shoot your process and equipment from our facility. Software updates, model configurations, and password administration can all be accomplished remotely. Real time process cycles and production monitoring can also be done remotely to assist with troubleshooting. This web based technology can be accessed and utilized by your Production, Maintenance, Quality, and Engineering staff. The ability of this software to increase the efficiency of your staff and the quality of your product is limitless.

Spare Parts

Serv-I-Quip supports your investment in our equipment by maintaining a large stock of replacement parts and critical components. Long lead time items are stocked in house. Our Inside Sales staff has over 25 years of experience and will make every effort to get you the part or assistance you require. Standard, next day, and same day deliveries are available and Spare Parts can also be researched, ordered and paid for via credit card Online through our Shop.

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