DataServ Software Suite

DataServ 3.0 Data Acquisition and Process Control Software

alric-vongerbigDataServ 3.0 is Serv-I-Quip’s newest and most full-featured process control and analysis software yet.  We’ve kept the same popular look and feel in the operator interface screen, but completely replaced everything under the hood to boost performance and expand functionality.

The new DataServ Dashboard brings the ability to access many new user features, including:

  • Communication with multiple DataServ systems, Modbus and serial devices, to present your entire process in real time
  • Generate and print reports of process capability
  • Calculate suggested process revisions
  • Manage any and all ethernet connected DataServ systems plantwide

DataServ’s expanded capability now includes Key Component Validating and Stage-gating/Watchdog functionality.

You can now do more with your process and get more from your data than ever before.

Ollie VonGerbig


DataServ 3.0 is the newest iteration of a very popular and effective software tool used by the Appliance, HVAC, and Vehicle industries to improve the quality and profitability of their manufacturing process.  This software utilizes a run history database and a process configuration log to provide real time production analysis, process revision and improvement, and a consistent manufacturing process. This PC based machine control package delivers real time monitoring and control of machine operation, access to product and process configuration, and analysis of detailed production data via any internet connected PC. DataServ 3.0 uses familiar Windows point and click navigation, easily understood graphic controls, and interfaces easily with Windows Access and Excel programs. All data is managed through SQL Server, supporting interaction with upper level scheduling and MES software.


Manufacturers have quickly realized that DataServ 3.0 is an inexpensive, powerful, and effective tool to monitor, manage, maintain, and most importantly, improve their manufacturing process. Utilizing Microsoft’s .NET framework provides an internet portal to all DataServ functions. Model configuration, cycle set-up, troubleshooting, and failure analysis, current cycle status and production reports can be accessed locally or remotely by anyone with an Ethernet connected PC and the correct password. Quality Control, Manufacturing, Maintenance, IT, and Line Supervisors can all utilize the data gathering and production monitoring features of DataServ 3.0. No site licenses or software installation is required.

Additionally, by providing VPN access, our engineers, programmers and technicians can monitor, troubleshoot, and update system programming from our office. Model configurations and daily production scheduling can be downloaded from remote locations. DataServ 3.0 supports Oracle, SQL, XML, Access, and includes all the latest Microsoft Security Enhancements.

DataServ Functions

The following DataServ 3.0 functions are examples of operating software.

Run Screen

This web page is the main interface between operator and machine. The process set points and current status of cycle are graphically displayed using active bar graphs, dial graphs, line graphs, radio buttons, background changes, and text messages. Totalizers such as fluid usage, units processed, and failures can also be displayed here.

Main Menu

All system and model configurations, system documentation, calibration, password administration, and production history is accessed through this web page.

Model Configuration

Utility to edit and add models to the model configuration data base. All changes are saved to a database.


System Maintenance and Operation Manual, Schematics, and Tool Drawings are accessed here.

Run History

All recordable production data, including process presets, actual values, times, failures, dates, operator, are recorded by model and serial number.

Test Data Report Generator

Build, sort, and organize reports utilizing data collected and stored in any data field. Build data queries to retrieve only the data you need. Export to Xcel®, Access®, or Crystal®.


Process Capability Package

Statistical analysis package includes standard deviation and mean value graphing, capability histogram, normal probability, CPK and PPK plots.


Simple Functions

System calibration, totalizer and counter resetting can be accomplished here. All system adjustments are recorded by time, date, operator and adjustment to a database log.


Password administration and internet access is setup here.


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