Sub-Zero receiving new DataTest and DataVac test systems

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Sub-Zero are the refrigeration specialists found in the worlds most luxurious homes. Their high quality kitchen appliances, being liquid refrigerant filled, must be thoroughly leak tested before processing to meet their quality control expectations.

Developing a consistent, effective leak testing method that integrates with Sub-Zero’s manufacturing process isn’t a one size fits all proposition. Serv-I-Quip have designed and built Sub-Zero a DataTest PFLE-150 Helium Leak Flow Test system and additional DataVac Test systems consisting of a base station and 3 additional dual pump vacuum stands.

The combined DataTest and DataVac systems offer a four tier test station solution with high pressure Nitrogen charge for a UL Burst test, pressure decay gross leak test, a low pressure flow test and Helium fill for locating individual leaks. DataTest StationUtilizing DataServ software suite to load the testing process, record test results, sort failures and monitor all testing procedures – becoming an integral part of Sub-Zero’s quality control systems.

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