Diesel Fuel / DEF Fill

Serv-I-Quip’s Diesel Fuel Fill Systems offer an automated and safe process to fill diesel fuel systems. Fuel is filtered, pumped, pressure regulated, dispensed, and automatically scavenged back to supply tank. This maintains a closed process loop, eliminating spillage and manual filling.

Our automated fuel primer sequence fills the fuel lines and primes the fuel pump, prepping the engine for starting and eliminating an otherwise manual process. These systems are available as DataFill or AccuFill, and with configuration options to meet your process requirements.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is an additive used by engine manufacturers to reduce Nitrous Oxide emissions in truck and bus exhaust. Adding DEF Fill to fuel fill equipment delivers the same filling accuracy and traceability benefits inherent in all our fluid fill systems. Combining Diesel and DEF fill with the primer function consolidates the fuel fill process into one area. Control, production data and quality analysis are also consolidated.

Matt Cahill

AccuFill Diesel Fuel / DEF Fill


Diesel Fuel

DataFill Diesel Fuel / DEF Fill


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