AccuFill Refrigerant Charging Systems


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The AccuFill Refrigerant Charging System delivers our high speed, robust, quality focused charging process in a package that meets a wide range of production requirements and budget necessities. This system utilizes the same mass flow metering system, charging tools, and Allen Bradley PLC control system as our DataFill models.

Process cycle, operating status, configuration, calibration, and troubleshooting are displayed via an Allen Bradley PanelView® operator interface.

High and low side charging, multiple refrigerant, and multi-station evacuation are all standard options. NFPA 70E compliance, large touchscreen HMIs, and large volume vacuum pumps qualify these systems for high speed, multi shift, industrial applications.

  • Proven industrial design and components
  • High speed quality test and fill process
  • Compatible with all fluorocarbon refrigerants

Product Detail

  • Compatible with R-134A, R-404, R-410A, R-407A, and all replacement fluorocarbons
  • Industrial components and design
  • Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView® Operator Interface
  • Automated evacuation, vacuum testing, and oil/refrigerant charging
  • NEW electric charging tools
  • Charging rates up to 5 oz. /sec.
  • Mass flow metering technology
  • +/- 2 grams charging accuracy
  • Startup supervision, operation and maintenance training available
  • Single, dual, or triple refrigerant charging
  • Oil and refrigerant charging
  • Up to 6 evacuation ques per charger
  • Red, amber and green stack lights indicate vacuum status
  • Process cycle options include:
    • Refrigerant charge
    • Vacuum check and charge
    • Evacuate, vacuum check and charge
    • Pressure test, evacuate, vacuum check and charge
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash compliance
  • Available with alternate PLCs and touchscreen HMIs
  • 8 – 53 cfm, two stage vacuum pumps available
  • Single or Multi-port electronic charging tools


62″H x 35”W x 24”D


525 lbs.


120V, 20A electric / 80 psi air


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