A/C Performance Test Equipment


As a way to verify performance of a newly tested and filled a/c unit, a performance run test option can be added to your leak testing and a/c filling cycle as a final verification that the unit performs to the specifications required. This results in a single point process that includes:

  • System leak test
  • Product evacuation
  • Oil fill
  • Refrigerant fill
  • Unit operation and performance test

Typical test points include:

  • Compressor inlet and outlet temperatures
  • Suction and discharge pressures
  • Vent temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Ambient humidity

DataServ 3.0 records all data, calculates superheat and discharge pressures, and compares values to performance specifications. Test instructions and prompting is accomplished through DataServ also.

Product Detail

  • DataServ web based data acquisition and process control software
  • Automatic process set-up, initiation, cycle completion, and return to standby
  • Remote RF bar code scanner
  • Manual clamp/unclamp high and lo side tools
  • Start/Stop/Reset pushbutton pendant mounted at tool
  • Accurate, dependable, high speed mass flow metering technology
  • ± 2 grams charging accuracy
  • Charging rates up to 5 oz./sec.
  • 8, 16, or 25 cfm two stage vacuum pump
  • 5 gallon oil supply tank, coalescent dryer, supply pump and flow meter
  • Allen Bradley PLC machine control integrated with PC O/I, reporting, and communication
  • Dell PC running Windows 7, 20″ flat screen LCD
  • Back-up Allen Bradley Panelview® Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Inficon P3000 Helium Leak Detector
  • Installation, Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting Manual
  • Spare Parts List
  • PLC and HMI machine code with comments
  • Electrical and mechanical drawings in AutoCAD
  • One Year Warranty
  • Stop station
  • Mobile station

Nitrogen Pressure Test
Initial pressure test and pressure decay test used to find large leak failures

Helium sniff leak test
Precise pressure sniff test for critical or persistent leak points

High and low side evacuation and charge
Efficient, quality evacuation ideal for larger volume systems

Refrigerant, oil and additive fill
Address multi oil, specialty oil, or additive filling of A/C systems

Post charge performance test
Measure ambient temperature, suction and discharge temperatures and pressures, analyze and record performance

  • Simple track mounted tool balancer
  • Swinging boom and tool balancer
  • Automatic, air actuated drop and retract balancers
  • Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Toyopuc PLC Controls
  • Optional Touchscreen HMI (Mitsubishi, GOT, Panelview)
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash compliance



Process Screen

  • Product ID #
  • Technician ID #
  • Base ID #
  • Time / Date
  • Unit Pressure (Lvl. and Time)
  • Unit Vacuum (Lvl. and Time)
  • Vacuum Check (Lvl. and Time)
  • Volume filled
  • Pass / Fail Code
  • Refrigerant Type
  • Total Refrigerant Usage
  • Refrigerant Temperature

Set Up Screen

  • Set Model #
  • Set Model Description
  • Rev.#
  • Set Author
  • Set Press. (Lvl. and Time)
  • Set Leak Check. (Time)
  • Set Vacuum (Lvl. and Time)
  • Set Vacuum Check. (Lvl. and Time)
  • Set Delay Time
  • Set Performance Run Time
  • Set Refrigerant Volume
  • Set Max Cycle Time

Calibration Screen

  • Set Calibration Volume
  • Set Comments
  • Set Refrigerant Type
  • Set Refrigerant Pressure
  • Set Pressure
  • Set Temperature
  • Set Hi and Lo Pressure
  • Set Password
  • Calibration History

Process Screen

  • Ready
  • Evacuation 1 (Time/Lvl.
  • Gross Vacuum Check
  • Pressurize (Helium)
  • Pressure Check (Time/Lvl.)
  • Evacuation 2 (Time/Lvl.)
  • Vacuum Check 2 (Time/Lvl.)
  • Oil Fill
  • Additive Fill
  • Refrigerant Fill
  • Run Performance Test
  • Vent Test (Hi & Lo Temp.)
  • Cycle Complete

Setup Screen

  • Set Evac. 1 (Time & Lvl.)
  • Set Vacuum Check (Time & Lvl.)
  • Set Pressure (Time)
  • Set Leak Check (Time & Lvl.)
  • Set Evec. 2 (Time & Lvl.)
  • Set Vacuum Check 2 (Time & Lvl.)
  • Set Oil Volume
  • Set Additive Volume
  • Set Refrigerant Volume
  • Set Performance Test Parameters
  • Set Vent Test Parameters
  • Set Max Cycle Time


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