Custom Refrigerant Charging Applications


With a wide range of products addressing the diverse needs of HVAC, Appliance, and Vehicle manufacturers, meeting unique process requirements is nothing new for Serv-I-Quip. Our deep process knowledge and flexible design and build capability enables us to deliver systems that successfully meet a variety of requirements, including:

  • Product function testing
  • N2 pressure testing
  • He leak testing,
  • Capillary flow testing
  • takt time requirements
  • Oil and additive filling
  • Evacuation levels
  • Charging size and accuracy
  • Multiple Refrigerant Charging

The new DataServ 3.0 Data Acquisition and Automated Process Control Software can also be customized to feature an HMI, process and system configuration, bar code and model configuration, production data, calibration, password management, PC and PLC programming updates, and troubleshooting guides.

Product Detail

  • Compatible with all fluorocarbon refrigerants
  • Combine leak test, pressure test, evacuation, vacuum testing, oil charging, and/or refrigerant charging, and performance testing
  • Evacuate up to 6 units simultaneously
  • Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView® O/I
    • View pressure and time set point screens
    • Process step detail screens and failure mode screens
  •  DataServ 3.0 Internet accessible data acquisition, and report generation
  • Hand-held CCD or RF bar code scanner with DataServ 3.0
  • Charging rates up to 5 oz. /sec.
  • New electric charging tools
  • Mass flow metering technology
  • +/- 2 grams charging accuracy
  • Startup supervision, operation and maintenance training available
  • Single, dual, or triple refrigerant charging
  • Oil and refrigerant charging
  • Muliple circuit charging
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash compliance
  • Alternate PLCs and touchscreen HMIs available
  • Large format flat screen/touchscreen LCDs available
  • Single or multiple 8 – 53 cfm, two stage vacuum pumps available
  • DataServ 3.0 Data Acquisition and Process Control
  • Integrated Inficon He Leak Detector


62”H x 96”W x 24”D


1,800 lbs.


480V, 30A electric / 80 psig air

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