DataTest Station



These systems provide a wide range of leak testing options in an automated, PLC controlled test cycle. Test options can include:

  • Proof / pressure test
  • Pressure decay test
  • Capillary flow test
  • Helium leak test

These test can be configured and automatically sequenced to provide a comprehensive, efficient leak testing process.

Attaching DataServ 3.0 to this test process can create a very effective tool to monitor , record, and improve your process and product quality. DataServ 3.0 provides a detailed operator interface, a process analysis tool, test result storage and retrieval, communication with upper level process scheduling systems, maintenance support, and remote intranet / internet access.

These systems can operate from a local test gas supply or in conjunction with our centralized Helium Recovery and Recycle System.

Product Detail

  • Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView® O/I
  • Dell PC with Windows 7, with a 19″ flat screen LCD
  • DataServ 3.0 web enabled process configuration and report generation software
  • Hand-held CCD or RF bar code scanner
  • Industrial service control valves
  • Ventori vacuum pump
  • English or Spanish display
  • Automatic leak testing cycle can include:
    • Proof pressure test
    • Pressure decay test
    • Capillary flow test (optional)
    • Helium or Hydrogen leak test
    • Water line flow test (optional)
    • Test gas vent (recovery optional)
    • Final evacuation



63″H x 36″W x 24″D


300 lbs.

  • Electric: 120V, 20A
  • Nitrogen: Pressurized supply to meet pressure test requirements
  • Helium: Pressurized supply to meet volume requirements
  • Air: 80 psig shop air
  • Product Model Number
  • Product Serial Number
  • Product Description
  • Process Start date
  • Process Start time
  • Process End date
  • Process End time
  • Process Completed (True or False)
  • Process Rejected (True or False)
  • Operator number
  • Nitrogen Fill Pressure and Time
  • Dry air Fill Pressure and Time
  • Nitrogen Pressure Decay Level and Time
  • Dry air Pressure Decay Level and Time
  • Rough evacuation Level and Time
  • Helium Fill Pressure and Time
  • Helium Leak Locations
  • Final Vacuum Level and Time
  • Total Cycle Time
  • Completion or Error Code
  • Reject Data
  • Total Units Processed to date.


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