DataFill Brake Fill


Tracking the quality and consistency of your brake fill process is arguably a higher priority than most other fill operations. DataServ 3.0 offers the traceability, quality assurance, process control, and access to production data that more and more production engineers are requiring for their high priority brake filling operations. This software provides web based remote access to process configuration, bar code and model configuration, production data, test and function data, calibration, password management, troubleshooting, production scheduling, maintenance scheduling, and a report generator that can access and sort all production data.

DataServ 3.0 introduces a new Dashboard that can display multiple DataServ systems and key production values. Production analysis reports, and an email notification system that delivers process alerts, notifications, or system events are some of the new features available.

This full featured system performs high speed standard or ABS brake system filling for cars, trucks, farm and construction vehicles, even motorcycles. Stainless steel piping and valves, dedicated vacuum systems for oil prep, system leak test, and level adjust, ABS modulation, and dripless, auto clamp tooling are standard features.

These systems are available as stop stations, mobile systems, or overhead track mounted, VFD carriers. Our systems are designed to get the highest quality and performance from your brake systems.

Product Detail

  • Web based data acquisition and process control software
  • Automatic process set-up, initiation, cycle completion, and return to standby
  • Hand held CCD or RF bar code scanner
  • Allen Bradley PLC machine control integrated with PC Operator Interface
  • Dell PC running Windows 7, 20″ flat screen LCD
  • Back-up Allen Bradley Panelview® Touchscreen Operator Interface.
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash compliance
  • Dripless, internal and external sealing, auto clamp/unclamp pneumatic tooling
  • Pressure or volume fill
  • Stainless steel flow meters, valves and piping
  • Three valve port tooling for evacuation, filling, and scavenge
  • Continuous recirculation of fluid for dehydration
  • Direct or protocol ABS modulation
  • Separate vacuum pumps for oil dehydration and brake system evacuation
  • Separate line and pump for scavenging fluid to adjust level and eliminate tool drips
  • Evacuation, test, fill, and level adjust process cycle
  • Installation, Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting Manual
  • One Year Warranty
  • Allen Bradley CompacLogix, ControlLogix, Flex I/O
  • Mitsubishi, Omron, Toyopuc or other PLC options
  • Panelview, GOT, or other Touchscreen Operator Interface options
  • Vane or dry scroll vacuum pumps
  • Single or dual port reservoir test and fill
  • Stop station
  • Mobile station
  • Base station with track mounted, vehicle towed tool console
  • Base station with motorized, VFD, line synchronized, track mounted tool console
  • With and without dehydration, storage, and heated supply
  • N2 pressure test option prior to evacuation test and fill
  • Pressure or volume fill
  • Pressure release level adjust
  • Tool release
  • ABS modulation available throughout cycle
  • Simple track mounted tool balancer
  • Swinging boom and tool balancer
  • Automatic, air actuated drop and retract balancers
  • Multi-axis, automatic tool positioning
  • Multi tool, automatic tool positioning
  • Start/stop/reset push button mounted at tool

Process Screen

  • Ready
  • N2 Pressurize
  • N2 Pressure Check
  • Evacuation
  • Vacuum Check
  • Fluid Fill
  • Level Adjust
  • Scavenge
  • Cycle Complete

Setup Screen

  • Set N2 Pressure (Time)
  • Set Pressure Check (Time/Lvl)
  • Set Evacuation (Time/Lvl)
  • Set Vacuum Check (Time/Lvl)
  • Set Fill Pressure (Time)
  • Set Fill Volume
  • Set Level Adjust (Time)
  • Set Scavenge (Time)
  • Set Max Cycle (Time)

Fault Screen

  • Low Fluid Pressure (Inlet)
  • Low N2 Pressure (Inlet)
  • Pressure Reject (N2)
  • Vacuum Reject
  • Fill Pressure Reject (Fluid)
  • Fill Volume Reject
  • Cycle Aborted
  • Cycle Overtime


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