Refrigerant Reclamation

Steve Risser

The Refrigerant Reclaimer was originally designed 50 years ago at the DuPont Freon® Products Laboratory. These systems have gone through major redesigns over the years as we worked at making our systems the most dependable, trouble free, automated systems available. Our current systems feature improved controls and dependability, incorporating ARC Flash compliance to meet current NFPA 70E regulations and are UL 508A certified.

Our high pressure systems can reclaim R-134A, R-410A , R-407A, R-404, as well as Class I Division II refrigerants such as R-32 or HFO R-1234yf. Our low pressure systems reclaim refrigerants like R-1233ZD used by chiller manufacturers, R-452A, and R-32.

All of our systems return your recovered refrigerant to manufactured quality by removing moisture, oil, non-condensibles and particulates. These systems remain the standard for refrigerant reclamation.

Steve Risser

High Pressure Refrigerant Reclamation Systems


Low Pressure Refrigerant Reclamation System

Low Pressure Refrigerant Reclamation Systems


TCS- 4000 Ton Cylinder Scale and Recycle System

Refrigerant Tank Scales & Pumping Systems


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