Multi Fluid Fill

Pat Colgan

Today’s mixed product/model assembly lines often require that multiple fluid options be available at the engine, transmission and coolant filling stations.  The vehicle build menu will itemize a particular coolant, engine oil, or gear box fluid type, depending on the end user climate, environment or transmission type. Serv-I-Quip can economically and efficiently address this process requirement with a single fill system.  We have been able to accommodated up to 8 different fluids at  a single fill location.

The key to managing this process is the utilization of DataServ.  With DataServ, the operator can automatically load the correct test and fill recipe, monitor each process, and record results for each vehicle. We have provided these systems as stop stations or overhead tracking modules. This is just another example of the value Serv-I-Quip brings to our customers.

Pat Colgan

DataFill Multi Fluid Fill