AccuFill Diesel Fuel / DEF Fill


The AccuFill Fuel Fill, Primer, and DEF  Fill Systems are full featured, PLC contolled systems capable of performing:

  • Pressure regulated diesel fill
  • Scavange excess back to supply tank
  • DEF tank fill
  • Priming fuel lines and pump

Our diesel fuel fill systems consolidate and automate the diesel fuel fill process, resulting in increased safety, cost savings, and environmental compliance. These systems are available with supply pumps, filtration, pressure regulation, volume filling, and equipped with scavenge lines, fuel system priming, and standard fuel nozzles. The fuel primer option is a unique, automated sequence that draws fuel from fuel tanks during the fill process, through fuel lines, and into fuel pump.

These systems can be configured as stop stations, mobile stations, or track mounted with VFD motors.

Accommodating DEF Fill in the diesel fuel fill process consolidates all fuel system filling and prep into one area. Supply, storage, evacuation, scavenge and fluid fill lines are all separate for each fluid. Controls, process configuration, and process data for both fluids are accessed via the touchscreen operator interface.

Product Detail

  • Automatic process set-up, initiation, cycle completion, and return to standby
  • Allen Bradley Panelview® Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash compliance
  • Equipped with standard fuel filling nozzles
  • High flow filling
  • Quick connect fuel primer tool
  • Individual flow sensors for each fuel tank
  • Scavenge pump recycles excess fuel and eliminates tool dripping
  • S/S piping and fill tool for DEF
  • Stop station
  • Mobile station
  • Base station with track mounted, vehicle towed tool console
  • Base station with motorized, VFD, line synchronized, track mounted tool console
  • Dual overhead tool consoles for left and right side tank fill
  • Simple track mounted tool balancer
  • Swinging boom and tool balancer
  • Automatic, air actuated drop and retract balancers
  • Volume fill
  • Standard cycle includes:
    • Tool hookup
    • Diesel fuel fill
    • Fuel line and pump prime
    • Scavenge, and tool disconnect
    • DEF tool hookup
    • DEF fill
    • Tool disconnect


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