Electrical Function Test Equipment


Serv-I-Quip’s testing expertise, electrical and pneumatic control knowledge, and our ability to design and fabricate cost effective process equipment has led to the development of custom equipment to meet specific customer needs. Electrical function testing of critical components prior to assembly is a high priority issue in many manufacturing plants. Verifying the functionality and quality of complex components can have a huge impact on quality, first pass yield rates, and profitability.

An example of equipment developed to address specific component verification needs is the construction vehicle operator controls seat function tester. The construction vehicle seat tester is designed to test and qualify the complex controls and switches integrated into the seats of construction vehicles and farm equipment. Verifying and documenting component functionality prior to installation saves substantial time and labor in rework if part failures are determined only after final assembly. Detailed instructions guide operator through testing procedures and record all results to DataServ 3.0.

There are many other applications for on-line parts testing of complex, highly integrated assemblies similar to seat controls. Applying Serv-I-Quip’s testing expertise to your application can provide a cost effective solution to a persistent manufacturing problem.