Single Point Processing Station


Our newest DataServ Refrigerant Charging System meets the needs of manufacturers requiring the evacuation, vacuum testing, and refrigerant charging process to be completed at a single point on their assembly line.  This system can perform this process through a wide range of process connections, including Schrader, Core Max, Process Tube, or King Valve.

Adjustable pivoting boom(s) or overhead rail positions the operator controls and process valving close to the product. This improves operator efficiency, maximizes product evacuation quality, and increases charging accuracy. The end result is the highest quality and most accurate evacuation and refrigerant charge process available.

Our new DataServ 3.0 Data Acquisition and Automated Process Control Software serves as a full featured HMI and provides web based remote access to system configuration, bar code and model configuration, production data, calibration, password management, PC and PLC programming updates, and troubleshooting.  A new Dashboard can display multiple DataServ systems and key production values. Production analysis reports and an email notification system that delivers process alerts, notifications, or system events are newly available features.

Product Detail

  • Drop in replacement for obsolete ECI and Procix systems.
  • Compatible with R-134A, R-404, R-410A, R-407C, R-32, and others
  • Pivoting, adjustable, boom mounted control panels (rail optional).
  • Compatible with Schrader, Core Max, King Valve and process tube connections.
  • Allen Bradley PLC and Panel View HMI
  • Dell PC with Windows 7, 20″ flat screen LCD, (Optional touchscreen).
  • DataServ 3.0 web based data acquisition and process control software.
  • Hand held CCD or RF bar code scanner.
  • Charging rates up to 5 oz. /sec.
  • Maintenance free mass flow metering technology.
  • +/- 2 gram charging accuracy.
  • Paper and Digital operation and maintenance manual included.
  • Startup supervision, maintenance and operation training available
  • Single, dual, or triple refrigerant charging.
  • Oil and refrigerant charging.
  • Re-evacuate and vacuum test cycle option.
  • Rail mounted or boom mounted operator panel
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash compliance
  • Alternate PLCs and touchscreen HMIs available
  • Large format flat screen/touchscreen LCDs available
  • 8 – 53 cfm, two stage vacuum pumps available.


62″H x 96″W x 24″D


12″H x 8″W x 6″D


800 lbs.


120V, 20A electric / 80 psi air

  • Product Model Number
  • Product Serial Number
  • Product Description
  • Process Start date
  • Process Start time
  • Process End date
  • Process End time
  • Process Completed (True or False)
  • Process Rejected (True or False)
  • Operator number
  • Refrigerant Unit of Measure
  • Refrigerant Quantity Charged
  • Refrigerant Type Charged
  • Final Evac. Time
  • Final Evac. Level
  • Vacuum Level at Start of Vacuum Check
  • Product Vacuum Level at End of Vacuum Check
  • Vacuum Check Time
  • Total Cycle Time
  • Completion or Error Code
  • Reject Data
  • Total Units Processed to date
  • Total Completed units
  • Total Refrigerant Quantity Charged.



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