DataFill Coolant Fill


The DataFill Coolant Fill System is a full featured, PLC controlled and PC managed system capable of;

  • Mixing and storing multiple coolant supplies
  • Leak testing and filling a coolant system
  • Filling an overfill bottle
  • Level adjusting reservoir to the proper level

Our testing and fill process ensures a consistent quality check, an accurate and complete system fill, and reduced takt times. With an automated cycle, fill rates up to 6 gpm, and a process that eliminates top-off, cycle times can be substantially reduced. Standard features include stainless steel density measuring flow meters, individual scavange pumps with self purging traps, and autoclamping dripless tooling.

Combining these process features with our New DataServ 3.0 software results in a powerful tool to optimize the quality and efficiency of your coolant filling process. This software provides web based remote access to system process configuration, bar code and model configuration, production data, calibration, PC and PLC programming updates, troubleshooting, and production scheduling. New features include a Dashboard that can display multiple DataServ systems, key production values, production analysis reports, process alerts, notifications, and system events.

These systems are available as mix or premix supply, pressure or volume fill, or radiator and overfill bottle fill, and can be configured as stop stations, mobile stations, or rail mounted with VF drives.

Product Detail

  • Web based data acquisition and process control software
  • Automatic process set-up, initiation, cycle completion, and return to standby
  • Hand held CCD or RF bar code scanner
  • Allen Bradley PLC machine control integrated with PC Operator Interface
  • Dell PC running Windows 7, 20″ flat screen LCD
  • Backup Allen Bradley Panelview® Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash compliance
  • Auto clamp/unclamp pneumatic tooling
  • Operator start/stop pendant mounted at tool
  • Pressure or volume fill
  • Stainless steel flow meter verifies density and fill amount
  • Pressure decay and vacuum leak test
  • System evacuation eliminates need for top-off
  • 2 gpm to 6 gpm fill rates
  • Multi-port connection capability (radiator, tank and/or overfill bottle)
  • Standard SAE 164 or custom neck styles
  • Continuous recirculating supply tanks
  • Backup, manual hose reels available
  • 65 or 100 cfm single stage vacuum pumps with auto purging traps
  • Individual scavenge lines isolate multiple fluids
  • Scavenge pump vents fluid pressure, adjusts level and eliminates tool dripping
  • Dripless tooling
  • Stop station
  • Mobile station
  • Base station with track mounted, vehicle towed tool console
  • Base station with motorized, VFD, line synchronized, track mounted tool console
  • Multiple mix or pre-mixed supply systems
  • Volume or pressure fill
  • Continuous monitoring mixture ratio instrumentation
  • Multiple pre-mix supply tanks
  • Standard cycle includes:
    • Tool hookup
    • Pressurize system (10 – 35 psi)
    • Pressure decay test
    • Evacuate
    • Vacuum test
    • Coolant fill
    • Pressure relief, level adjust, scavenge, and tool disconnect
  • Simple track mounted tool balancer
  • Swinging boom and tool balancer
  • Automatic, air actuated drop and retract balancers
  • Multi-axis, automatic tool positioning
  • Multi tool, automatic tool positioning

Process Screen

  • Product ID#
  • Operator ID#
  • Base ID#
  • Time/Date
  • Unit Pressure Test Level
  • Unit Pressure Test Time
  • Unit Pressure Decay Level
  • Unit Pressure Decay Time
  • Unit Pressure Vent Level
  • Unit Pressure Vent Time
  • Unit Vacuum Level
  • Vacuum Check Level
  • Fill Pressure
  • Fill Time
  • Volume Filled
  • Level Adjust Time
  • Fluid Scavange Time
  • Total Cycle Time
  • Pass / Fail Code
  • Coolant Type
  • Total Coolant Usage
  • Coolant Temperature

Setup Screen

  • Set model #
  • Set Model Description
  • Rev. #
  • Set author
  • Set Pressure Level
  • Set Pressure Time
  • Set Vacuum Level
  • Set Vacuum Time
  • Set Coolant Type
  • Set Vacuum Reject Time
  • Set Vacuum Reject Level
  • Set Coolant Volume
  • Set Max Cycle Time

Fault Screen

  • Low Coolant Pressure (Inlet)
  • Low Water Pressure (Inlet)
  • Pressure reject
  • Vacuum Reject
  • Volume Reject
  • Pressure Fill Reject
  • Cycle Aborted
  • Cycle Overtime

Calibration Screen

  • Set Calibration Volume
  • Set Comments
  • Set Coolant Type
  • Set Coolant Pressure
  • Set Password
  • Calibration History




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