Helium Recovery & Recycle


Our Helium Leak Test Gas Systems automatically generate a continuous supply and precise mixture of helium tracer gas for leak testing completed products or components. These systems cover a wide range of applications, required test gas pressures, and fill volumes. Nine models are divided evenly among systems rated to deliver 150 psig, 300 psig, or up to 3000 psig of test gas. Volume capacity at these test pressures range from 10 scfm to 45 scfm. Helium mixture is accurately managed to ±.1% by a gas analyzer. An on board automated regenerative gas drying system ensures test gas is dry to -40° F dew point.

Helium leak testing has become the gold standard for many manufacturers who prefer the smaller leak detection capability and quicker response time of helium leak detectors. The volatility of helium pricing and availability can make a supply and recycle system an economical, cost effective addition to your leak testing process.

Our engineering staff can assist with the review and development of a leak test process to meet your needs, whether your product is a high pressure valve, a heat pump, or a fuel rail. Serv-I-Quip’s full line of leak testing process equipment is designed to provide an economical and comprehensive solution to your process needs.

Product Detail

  • Industrial, oil free compressors
  • Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView® O/I
  • On-board, automatic dryer maintains gas at -40 °F dew point
  • Scientific grade gas analyzer with digital readout
  • Automatic oil removal
  • On-board or remotely installed test gas storage tanks
  • Test gas delivered at 150 psig, 300 psig, up to 3,000 psig
  • Detailed process questionnaire and experienced engineers available to size a system to meet your needs
  • Combine with Leak Testing Stations for a comprehensive, turn-key leak test process
  • Startup supervision, operation, and maintenance training included


  • 8′ H x 7’8″ W x 14′


  • Electric: 460V, 3Ø, 60A
  • Air: Dry air, 60 psig min.
  • Water: City water or chilled water supply
  • Helium: Pressurized supply

Return on Investment by Model

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