Managing a successful 2023 and 2024 ahead

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Serv-I-Quip had a very successful 2023 and a full production schedule now lies ahead for 2024.

We are fortunate to work with and support many of the leading HVAC-Refrigeration equipment manufacturers with their requirements for new Charging, Testing and Reclamation equipment in their facilities across the USA, Mexico and Canada to handle newer refrigerants.

Their market is transitioning to newer, more flammable A2L refrigerants in the HVAC industry, which is driven by environmental concerns and regulatory changes. These refrigerants have lower global warming potential (GWP), contributing to efforts to mitigate climate change. However, their mildly increased flammability poses safety considerations during installation, maintenance and use.

At Serv-I-Quip we have invested in strengthening our engineering and manufacturing resources and expanded our production facility to manage this increased demand. Through our market leading and industrially designed equipment we are now partnering with our Customers to supply them with new ‘made in the USA’ refrigerant filling, testing and reclaiming equipment – all supported locally with our experienced Engineering resources.

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